[RESOLVED] Vehicle Transport Exceptionnel - Tag(s) for motorway tollbooth bypass

The A24 motorway Teramo roofed toll booth area has a sign and bypass way for "
“Transport exceptionnel”, or in Italian “Trasporti Eccezionali”. I’ve found lhv, long heavy vehicles. Does lhv too cover excess-wide and excess-height? In fact, think the issue here is specific to extra wide or height and not long by itself. Such TE vehicles usually carry a sign and are led by a guide vehicle and a tail. Taginfo popped nothing up that comes close to the want.

PS: Doubtlessly many other autostrada toll areas have such bypasses but can’t remember to have ever seen it mapped.

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No lhv is not the correct vehicle type but we do not need any vehicle type in this case as maxheight=* and maxwidth=* should work. Use these tags for the ways restricted by the roof and for the bypass we need conditional tags, e.g. (do not know the exact numbers):

access:conditional=yes @ (maxheight > 3.6 OR maxwidth > 2.5)

EDIT See comment 5 and following:

access:conditional=yes @ (height>3.6); yes @ (width>2.5)

The tollbooth passages are rather narrow… pay attention or the mirrors come off. I’d have to look up what measures apply as greater than ? Considering the many tunnels in the region, this one just after a 10km long one, I’d venture to guess maxheight > default and according a quora source, exceeding 2.55m or 3 pellet widths + some leeway is considered transport/convoi exceptionnel. Maxheight default is somewhere in the range of 4.8m IIRC, below that signs of galleria/ponte basso start showing, but not always if off the trodden path. The conditional tagging is rather straightforward.

Loath the idea this tagging needs probably thousands of tollbooth exits/entrances with this, similar to the nonsense of maxspeed 130 as legal max on motorways. Only tag speeds when deviating(lower) than legal.

Considering these TE transports require substantial planning my guess is that a large if not largest subsection of toll exits/entrances are not even fit to deal with them i.e. only tag when surveyed. There could of course be somewhere a table aimed at these events.

edit: decided in this tagging
access:conditional = yes (maxheight > default OR maxwidth > 2.55)

Think the default in the UK is higher than Continental Europe as one reads at times an English truck gets the top shaven off or gets stuck at a tunnel or underpass.

Maxheight default is somewhere in the range of 4.8m IIRC

AFAIK it’s 400cm

The conditions and syntax are wrong. It is @ (height > 3.6; width > 2.55) . “max” is not used as the conditions, and there is no OR .

There’s a bridge here with 4,50m and the sign Ponte Basso at the passage entrances, but we found

“L’altezza minima più il margine di confort danno l’altezza richiesta. Se per il margine di confort si prende un valore di 0,30 m, l’altezza richiesta è pari a 4,50 m (convenzione di Ginevra 4,80 m, Regno Unito 5,35 m, Stati Uniti 4,90 m sulle autostrade senza pedaggio, 4,30 m sulle altre autostrade).”

Sort of underscores that the UK truckers better be aware.

I was in limbo on that one as I could not find any conditionals with the max prefix, so I’ll change it to the majority usage.

The OR I’ll leave for now, the semicolon would work, but I’ll know in a few days if the QA checkers of syntax have an issue. The wiki though uses only semicolons as OR separators, AND it knows

Thanks, my bad.
Is the semicolon correct? On the wiki page I have only spotted it with opening_hours syntax.
yes @ (height>3.6); yes @ (width>2.55) ?