residential retagging into tertiary


can one of the native speakers please get into contact with this one?

Tagging is quite bad. I commented, gave details about what is wrong and fixed it.

Now the repaired roads got retagged again into tertiaries again.

I am tempted to consider this vandalism, as based on the previous comments it was clear that a residential is not to be tagged as a major highway.

I set a reminder in a few days. If I not get any response I start reverting.
Please also have a look at the other changesets of this user and leave a changeset comment in case the edits are bad and should be considered reverted.


Looking at his latest changeset , he seems to understand things now. Let’s wait and see.

Sent them a message.

No fix was done. Doing it once might be a mistake. Changing residentials back to secondary a second time after telling and fixing the tagging sounds intentional.

I cleaned up the mess a second time.

@Paul: In case you have contact with the mapper: Please educate how to properly do classifications.

My impression is that he is no more active. His newest changeset is the the one mentioned in my message above, 25 days ago.

I haven’t received a reply either.

Sad we again failed to properly ramp up new mappers.

I wonder: Why do they get their information from about OSM? Why they immediately start to do large-scale edits like this one?

OSM is complicated in the details. Having some senior mappers around to get started would certainly help, but hot to get this done? Any ideas? In case you have good ideas and think the idea is worth following up, please open a new topic.