Reshaping line - moving line and changing shape


Is any way for quick reshaping line? I am at the moment trying reshape water line for reseroir. There are two options to do it.

  1. Moving nodes on line and then each time clickin yes I want move node in new place
  2. Or deleteing nodes on line and then using improve way accuracy mode.

Is any other way to move line in other place and changing it shape?

I’m sometimes using the “Replace Geometry” function from utilsplugin2. Just drawing a new line/area, then selecting both new and old and pressing Ctrl+Shift+G. This will copy the old way’s history to the new way and delete the old way.
I’m using that very often when a house’s contours are completely off and just complicating things.

Help/Action/ImproveWayAccuracy – JOSM works well for that

thanks for a help.