Research - Motivation to Collaborate with OSM

Hello guys,

I’m a cartographer studying for my masters in Cartography with emphasis in Collaborative Cartography. My research aims to depict the Motivational Factors and the Behavioral Profiles presented by OpenStreetMap to better understand what makes one take part or stay active in systems of that nature. I’ve been timidly contributing data in my neighborhood, but I am regularly following the steps of OSM since 2012.

After more than eight months analyzing profiles, contributions and patterns, I’ve finally got to the phase where I have to validate all of my studies, and I intend to do part of it via questionnaires. That’s why I’m here, to ask you to answer 7 short questions about your participation in OSM. The questionnaire is here:

If you are available to answer another set of questions – those ones go deeper in the investigation of the profiles – send an e-mail to

Thank you!