Research Institute added - not visible on OSM map

Hi, yesterday and today I added our research institute, as well as some streets and parking places within the area.
The location can be found in OSM “CINVESTAV Unidad Irapuato”, but I cannot see the building etc. What am I doing wrong (user: robert-debian)?
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A building is mapped, and is rendering:

Unfortunately, that area is not a building, although maybe 10% of it represents buildings.

That area should be tagged with landuse, not building, probably landuse=commercial (but more local knowledge is needed to be sure). You can nest landuse, to name particular partitions of a more general landuse. However, it would also be advisable to map any boundary fence or wall, not least because that is more certain to be rendered than the boundary of a nested landuse area, and is a legitimate thing to map.

You’ve also tagged one of the corner nodes the same. That should be untagged, or if an entrance, just tagged with an entrance tag.

Note that office nodes, and probably even whole offices, do not get named on the standard Mapnik layer, which is probably where you are saying they aren’t appearing. I also doubt that buildings get rendered, although their names might, when mapped as nodes, as buildings are fundamentally areas.

I’m not sure why the name isn’t rendering, as there is enough space for it at high zoom levels (not all names are rendered, in order to avoid clutter). It is possible that the rule on not naming offices, is overriding the rule on naming buildings. It can still be found in Nominatim, so not rendering is not a problem for routers. Whilst you can see if appears when you map more correctly, please don’t map anything untrue just to get it to render.

Also,can you confirm that the car parks on the site, and are open to the general public for any reasonable purpose? If they are only for visitors to the site, they should have access restrictions, otherwise routers will send people there when they are looking for public car parks. Also, I suspect that is really highway=service, not a significant, but minor, road between settlements.

Thanks a lot hadw for your comprehensive and extremely useful answer. Is there a quick guide for efficient editing (I want to add useful information to OSM, without messing it up)? Best regards, Robert

Hello Robert,
maybe try