Requesting OSM2World Support: Adding Custom Building Roof and Texture Images

Dear @Tordanik

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the possibility of adding custom roof and texture images to buildings using OSM2World. I am working on a project that requires detailed representations of buildings with specific roof designs and textures.

Firstly, I would like to know how I can incorporate custom roof images for buildings in OSM2World. Could you please guide me on the process of adding custom roof textures to the generated 3D models? I believe this would greatly enhance the visual appeal and accuracy of the buildings in my project.

Secondly, I am interested in utilizing custom texture images for buildings in OSM2World. It would be immensely helpful if you could provide instructions or resources on how to import and apply custom textures to the 3D models generated by OSM2World. This would enable me to accurately represent different building materials and architectural styles in my project.

Lastly, I would appreciate guidance on importing 3D models in the .obj format into OSM2World. I have specific buildings that I would like to incorporate into my project, and having the ability to import them directly into OSM2World would be a tremendous advantage. If you could provide information on the steps involved in importing .obj files into OSM2World, it would be of great assistance to me.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to your response and any guidance you can provide regarding these topics. Your support will contribute significantly to the success of my project, and I am grateful for the valuable work the OpenStreetMap community does.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to set custom textures per material at the moment. That is, you can use a configuration file to define your own “wooden wall” or “tiled roof” texture, but that does not allow you to define a custom texture for one particular building.

The ability to use custom models for particular buildings (or other objects) is a feature I would very much like to see in OSM2World, but which is currently not yet implemented.

For now, you may be able to edit the resulting 3D model in a modelling tool such as Blender to add your own models into the scene (I recommend using OSM2World’s glTF export for getting the output into Blender), but I understand this kind of manual process only goes so far.

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ok thanks sir.3dmr is support in osm2world

@Tordanik how import 3dmr file in osm2world

At the moment, 3DMR is only supported for OSM2World on the client side: A frontend running in the browser is downloading both the output from OSM2World (which contains the necessary references to 3DMR IDs) and the models from 3DMR, and displays them in the appropriate locations.

I want to support 3DMR (and custom models in general) directly in the desktop/library version of OSM2World as well, but haven’t had the time for it yet. Most of the work on OSM2World is still happening in my spare time (I’ve recently been able to work on it a little bit as part of paid contracts as well), which limits how much I’ve been able to do.

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Sir how i add solar panel on building using osm2world. how the osm data look like for solar model. How i adjust direction, position and scale of solar panel

This may be a good example:


Sir thanks, how to advertising=billboard data look like on building

Using the Web-Frontend:

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How i do this?

Place a node tagged

advertising = billboard
support = wall

in front of the building.

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Molto interessante. I noticed on your building example tags for windows. Doors too? Somewhere saw a door rendered, possibly F4, so guess there’s a model tag for door:shape=2.25x0.8 which is here kind of a standard.


“ungefähren Höhenangaben”, someone goes off on this without using est_height=* or roof:est_height (used 13 times in 13 years), I much prefer source:height=estimated and source:roof:height=estimated in addition to height & roof:height. I prefer adding roof height estimates particularly on large buildings with a gabled roof. Seen some 3D without and ludicrous renditions.

edit:found 2x used door:shape=pointed in TagInfo.