Request: Section for public discussions on OSM-NG development

I kindly request a section where I would be able to publicly discuss decisions regarding OSM-NG development. I believe this forum is the ideal place for such discussions, as I prefer not to engage directly on GitHub, where the discussion audience is significantly limited (see iD). Creating a single thread for discussion is not a viable option, as it would make it exceedingly difficult for others to follow.

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Would you say that all the core OSM software projects should be interfacing with the community via a forum category? Or is the need particularly acute for your project?

Hey! I personally believe that the forum is a great place for decision-making that shapes the future of OSM. The issue with discussions outside of the forum is that hardly anybody knows that they are happening. The forum offers a convenient and fair way for people to express their opinions and views (even if they are not developers). It would be great to see whether this idea catches on. :slightly_smiling_face: Let’s try small and then eventually scale up if this works well.

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After your flurry of activity today, I wasn’t sure if you believed in starting small. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could invent a tag, that doesn’t require permission or admin action. Example: Topics tagged hiking


Certainly, but this requires that I post threads in some existing section, and it would be best not to bother uninterested people with those threads. Or perhaps please hint me where those threads should be placed and I will consider it :+1:

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I like that you’re trying to make discussions more accessible than they would be on GitHub. With a suitable tag, I believe these threads would be quite welcome in General talk.

Don’t hesitate to make full use of this forum. If we indeed get to the point where people are bothered by a large number of such threads, I expect we’ll be happy to find a solution involving categories for OSM-NG in particular and/or for software issues more generally, but I don’t think we need to preemptively worry about that.


Okay, Thank You!