Request for reverting simplifcations to the 'Upload a traces' section

Hi, hope all is going well for everyone and everything OSM. I have an issue and I thought maybe it should go to Mailing list, but the list of Mailing lists alone is a headache, let alone it’s content, so I’ve come back here. If there’s anyone who made these changes, or knows about this area who doesn’t check here, but does check the Mailing List then could someone please bring this up there.

There have been some features removed, and pages split up which is a bit of a hassle when uploaded files. Basically 3 issues with the uploading section got to from this page.

  1. The Upload section is now separated off so you need to click to get to the upload page. It does make the page tidier maybe, but it wasted between 5 and 13 seconds for me for that page to load sometimes. Slow connection…yep, but that should be a consideration. It’s still an issue that doesn’t need to be there. A few seconds, but over 100 files in a session that’s a lot of wasted time. This is also hassle as when I’m selecting a file to upload I can’t look at the page displayed behind the ‘file finder’ box and see in front of me what the last file name was and/or number.

  2. The number of files which you have uploaded is no longer displayed. I found this very practical for seeing where I was up to in my OSM gpx file collection. This also applies to the list of ‘all’ OSM user uploads which was fun to watch it grow year on year.

  3. The number saying how many pages of gpx files you have has been removed also, and with it the links to get to those pages (maybe it only listed the last 3 and current 3 or something similar? but it was considerably more practical). Again it applies to the list of ‘all’ OSM users uploads. Interesting, and impossible to comprehend without it displayed.

So now for 2 and 3, to find a file, I need to think when it was…so let’s say it’s was 1/2 way down the list I would guess. I have to then go and see how many files I’ve uploaded, divide that by 20 to see how many pages there will be, then 1/2 that, then manually type that into the address bar.

I defiantly think these 3 simplifications should be reversed, and would be very appreciative if they could be.

None of the sysadmins read this forum - you’d need to post to the dev@ mailing list, or file a trac ticket ( , login with your usual OSM login and password).

Like I said on #osm, I believe the page count was removed because it was incredibly slow.

If you’re uploading 100 GPXs then the web interface is the wrong way to do it anyway… better to use a script, as found on .

I did post this before our conversation, so I did listen to your answer!

The script answer only tries to tackles issue 1.

However the issue with the script, as it says, is that there is 1 description for all the files. I do try to keep some organisation, and to go onto the website and change the description and tags takes many page changes for each file, so no time saver at all. Well no time saver considering I usually just have 2+ tabs open for the web interface, so while one is uploading I select the next files and type in there details on another tab, so I’m continuously uploading. At the same time I can stick in the details for the next file. And ‘page loads’ within this time are a time waster, and therefore I’d prefer them avoided all together. Since if I get ahead of the upload rate I just have many many tabs open, and can do other things, with the occasional click. However yesterday, I found I spent the entirety of the ‘upload time’ sticking in the next files details and page loading (on average).

The other 2 points are still so when accessing files. As I said to you the other day, I’m glad there’s a good reason for those features removal, and it’s not a case of not seeing there usage.

I wonder, does this ‘incredibly slowness’ also apply to the section that says “Mapper since: dd mm yyyy at hh:mm (about X years ago)”?

Thanks for the links!