Request for email for tracking copyright

Hello OSM Foundation

I’m Iman Moghimi(Imanmoghimi) admin of the OSM Iran community.

About a year and a half ago we started to tracking copyright violence in Iran ( you can see details in and We were somewhat successful.
But some websites and applications DO NOT observe OSM copyright.

If you can give us an email from the OSM Foundation it can help us significantly to track them and force them to observe copyright.

Iman Moghimi
OSM Iran

Dear OSM Foundation Legal Team, we need to have an offical email address under official OSM domains to follow copyright problems of maps that are using OSM in Iran. In addition we need your support to verify iran’s osm community accounts on social media.
For example, when an iranian application using OSM without copyright of OSM, we need to inform it to other people on Twitter via OSM Iran official account(That is verified). In addition if that application didn’t accept to write Copyright and OSM Logo under their app’s map, we need to remove their links from Google results and remove their app from Google Play. But google needs to know we’re offical ambassadors of OSM Foundation.
As result we need a offcial email address under OSM Foundation domain.

Having a OSMF email account can ease the pain of convincing companies to follow OSM ©. :slight_smile:

this is very necessary for our community and for OpenStreetMap. i hope our Foundation approve this request.

I am just a random forum user passing by, but please note that OSM Foundation does not actively read every sub-forum here.

Maybe try