Request for edits & creating marked crossings

This is rather simple what I wish to request. I use Safari on my laptop to edit OSM but keep the setting to show every issue (not just ones that I created). If I add or edit a marked crossing or (marked) cycle & foot crossing, I wish to request several related things be changed. Many Marked Crossings that complete an intersection with traffic signals have the traffic signals not in the middle of the intersection but along the Marked Crossings. Make us specify Type when we select Marked Crossing and Marked Cycle Crossing, Cycle & Foot Crossing, etc. Many people leave the default Marked Somehow. Please leave that blank. I am detailed and dislike changing Marked Somehow to the more precise way the “marked” crossing is marked. Only if unable to decide will I leave Marked Somehow as the way the “Marked” Crossing is.
The same applies to the point(s) created with a “Marked” Crossing. The following is an example. If a Marked Crossing is fully labeled before connecting and creating the Marked Crossing (point), please automatically give the Marked Crossing (point) the same values as the Marked Crossing has. If we connect first, leave the information blank.
I went to the greater Denver metro area in late June and worked on learning the area by mapping. I do not use data to map that is not permitted.
I find many places where the people that mapped chose to use a sidewalk (perhaps needing to be cut on both sides or just a sidewalk) instead of a marked or unmarked crossing at intersections. I change these to represent what is. As such, another related request is that when I or anybody changes a (unmarked or marked) sidewalk to a (unmarked or marked) crossing, please have the point(s) where the crossing crosses automatically update and upgrade. I do not like having to upgrade the point every time that I change an unmarked sidewalk crossing. The same applies to mapping (new) Unmarked Crossings. Remember that I map using Safari. That might or might not influence my requests.