Request for collaboration gathering references and resources related to slum and infomal settlement mapping in OSM

Hi all, I am working on a collaboration between HOT and Slum Dwellers International, alongside slum communities who want to use open data and OSM as an asset with which to understand their communities and advocate for / collaborate in improving their environment, especially in regard to community risks and mitigations and climate adaptation.

As such, I am trying to gather together as many reference points on similar projects as I can. These could be projects, data models, stories, community campaigns, tagging discussions, maps, etc.

Have started a wiki page here. If anyone has anything to contribute, please do! Your collaboration would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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It may be worth mentioning ground truth principle

If buildings or something else exists then it does not matter what is officially supposed to be there or government claiming that slum does not exist.


Mateusz, absolutely. Fundamental to the slum communities’ reasoning for mapping (and for openly mappin)

Added to the page.