Reporting Vandalism

I’m new and cannot figure out how to report this vandalism or edit the map directly.

There are 6 crossing “roads” (I think) that are clearly vandalism here. If you zoom in or out, or go into edit mode, they disappear.

If you go south (and beyond this)

There are roughly 9 more “roads” some of which look legit named, but are far too straight to be real. But also several more vandalism labels.

Hello, this is already taken care of, it is a large scale (global) vandalism attack (again) that was reverted, you’ll have to wait for the tiles in the cdn to refresh to a post-vandalism state.

For more info see here:

Cool. Thanks for the quick reply. I mostly just wanted to make sure that if this was something “unique”, it was known. But since it’s not and it’s dealt with, life is good!