Report a map error

I use RWGPS and Hammerhead maps, both are based on OSM. I found a routing error, where an attempt at routing for a bicycles creates a detour. The road exists, Google maps allows a driving route to be created on this section. OSM does not allow a bicycle or driving route to follow known roads.

I reported this to Hammerhead, they replied that I needed to notify OSM.

Where and how do I report this error ?,


the best way is probably to go to , search for the location you mentioned and on the right side, the second button from the bottom is “Report a problem”. Best way is to be logged in so you will get an notification if someone has questions.
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I’ll try that, Thx


Or tell us here where the error is, with a link to the road/area

Hi there !

Could you please modify the information in the Vietnamese map (Saigon city) or update the Vietnamese map to
the latest version to reflect Hanoi as the capital city of Vietnam. I use the anyLogistix software but the map when is not zooming shows Saigon, instead, we want to display Hanoi.

For example the map in anyLogistics is showing Saigon instead of Hanoi as the highlight city. Because this is sensitive to politics in Vietnam and history, it would be better to show Hanoi instead.

I look forward for your support.

Thank you !

Hanoi is mapped as the capital of Vietnam in OSM

Are you sure that anyLogistics is using OSM data? Naturally there is nothing stopping a company from showing something different than OSM.

PS: this is a highly unusual place to ask such a question, you would have been better served of on one of the global mailing lists or the Q&A section of the forum.

I have been facing the same issue and I tried what you mentioned. it worked. Thank you so much.

You have made it so simple. Thanks.