"reply" experience on mobile

Can anything be done to improve the website-replying on mobile experience? Right now, on a phone that’s not that old**, it’s dreadful.

There’s a noticeable delay as all the javascript floating windows whizz around. The reply box is placed and sized incorrectly for the screen dimensions so that when the on-screen keyboard appears the bit of the reply box that I actually want to type in isn’t visible.

There’s always the option to turn on emails for everything and reply there, but not everyone will want to do that.

PS: and even on a desktop*** the “reply / create topic / send” button is hidden behind something that wants to tell me the URL of the page that I’m on, and because it’s not a proper window (it’s only Javascript pretending to be one) I can’t move it.

** 4-year-old Nokia 6.1, Android 9, Font size large, display size large, latest Firefox.

*** KDE, Ubuntu 18.04, latest Firefox.


It seems there is a bug with some browsers on mobile, I also have to simulate a scroll up to get the compose box to go full screen.

Is anyone using the Discourse app also affected?

I’m typing this on iOS using Chrome (or Safari) as browser. Experience is pretty good, no complaints from my side.

When I start typing, the page automatically resizes to leave enough space for the on screen keyboard.

It feels the chrome culture hits again and devs need to optimize for the default browser even if it’s a broswer bug and a hack affects other browsers :cry:

(that’s my understanding of the upstream conversation)


I have the problem of the hidden answer box on Firefox mobile in Discourse forums for months now, if not years. I am not holding my breath that this will be fixed soon.

We can bump the original upstream topic looking for workarounds.

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Fix is in progress and might get included in the next version


Any update or work around for this? I also have the same issue in Firefox and I have not found a reliable way to overcome it.

I think we have to wait until Discourse 2.9 is released .

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Thanks. Is there any work around like e.g. dragging the window at a specific position or doing xy first?

Hmm, odd. I use Firefox on mobile and haven’t noticed an issue. I’m using “uBlock Origin” plugin too. edit: seems like uBlock is switched off on the forum.