Replace US CASS solution with OSM for address normalization/geocoding?

I am looking to replace my client’s USPS address normalization and geo-coding solution with an OpenStreetMaps-based one. Our current USPS-based solution is CASS-compliant and actually causes problems because our concern is actual site locations NOT mail delivery.

The existing solution performs data hygiene before searching for the address, validating it and geo-coding it.

I tried the Nominatim search and it didn’t appear to tolerate typos, poorly formed addresses, etc.

Is there a solution that cleans and attempts to standardize the input address for Nominatim? I don’t know OSM but I am thinking I can then use Nominatim to search for the address in the OSM repository and have it return a well-formed address and geolocation. The goal would be to use the OSM version of the address as the normalized address.

Addresses in OpenStreetmap in the US vary greatly from nearly perfect to none in other areas.

For address searching OpenStreetmap data, Nominatim has to deal with worldwide address formats so there are compromises. Assuming that you will host the server, look at Photon / Elastic which assist with search while typing. Hopefully there are online demos for these.

Sorry for the late reply, MikeN, apparently I haven’t set up reply notifications yet.

We need a solution for high velocity data importing into a data warehouse. So I am definitely looking to host as we cannot be slowed down by external API calls.

We require address normalization for the import, therefore we aren’t looking for solutions oriented towards manual data entry.

The only US addressing electronic standard I know of is USPS’s CASS, but it is engineered for mail delivery and causes issues if your priority is walk-in business locale.