replace symbols

Hi there,

I need to know how it works to replace symbols with own symbols, e.g. the train symbol or better how ot works to integrate own logos, because its difficult to understand: “use the URL and replace to name” which URL?? Do I need an Server account with database or something like that??



And for us it is very hard to understand what website, framework or software you are talking about.

Are you aware that you are posting in the general OSM forum???

According to your former posts in this forum and the mentioned crosspostings on other sites, some get to know that you are talking about uMap …

But you can get more feedback if you ask more carefully so that everybody knows what you are talking about.

Hi Stephan,

I want to create an map (with umap) for public transport companies and if I place an marker with the symbol “train”. But the companies told me they cant identify with the available logos because these are general symbols. For instance they want to replace the general train symbol e.g.with an steam engine symbol or so. Or they would like import her company logos to use these as symbols…
So at this stage I have no own website and I dont know which software is necessary to do this.

I have only an umap-account and practise a little bit…

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: