Repeated vandalism

Svp jeter un oeil sur le changeset 101867098 , clairement fantaisiste. Il y a des précédents de la part de ce même utilisateur.
D’avance merci!

Kindly take a look at changeset 101867098, it seems obvious vandalism to me. As far as I can see, the user has “contributed” a few such fantasies but never anything serious.

Merci à @RomeoDelta pour le nettoyage

More vandalism from the same “author” : railroad way 931354489; he also added a fake airport nearby that I already removed.
I think it is time for the DWG to act.

And thanks to the DWG, in the person of Frederik, to take appropriate action!

That !@#$%^&*!! appears to be back, cfr
Again, @romeodelta was quick to revert the vandalism - merci beaucoup!