Reorganising /Develop wiki

Hi everybody, I would like to refactor the current wikipages arround

Currently we seem to miss a page listing all libraries, frameworks and crosslinks to converters,…

Any suggestions for further do and don’t s?

Ok to source some entrys out of the services and Desktop software list I created:

Would be nice if you help to complete the list :slight_smile:


I changed the look and feel of the libraries.



thank you, was just a few things I wanted to move from /Software :slight_smile:

I updated the page and reordered/added the items so that even devs that are interested in using OSM only find there way

Feel free to comment/change :slight_smile:


would be very nice if everybody helps to keep the OSM component list uptodate and so make it new devs easier to add OSM functionality to their tools.

Feel free to add it in a dirty way or just post it right here. I will clean up this page, soon.