I have written some Programs who use OSM-Tiles which they download from different servers. But because of the different Rules of the servers I would prefere to render them my self. I usually pragram C++ on Windows10. At the moment I use QT Creator. Of corse I can look at lists of tools and try to use them but I would prefere a personal sugestion. So what do you think should be a easy to use Librarry or tool to create pixelmaps which runs either as a windows program and can be called by my program or as a library which I can include in my QT-projects. All my programs are opensource and free.
Thank you

Hello Dimitri,

do you want to have realtime rendereing when the user pans and zooms your map?

Or a rendering queue that generates mayn many tiles in pre-rendering in order to store them on a disk or server?

Both Programs produce Files, so no realtime rendering

What pieces of software you have already tried from

and which one does NOT fit your aims, and why not?

I tried something many years ago, but gave up fast. I think the documentation was not detailed enough to start. I know my documentation is probably not better, it’s programming programmers like not writing documentation