Rendering Titles of buildings on two lines

Hello all,

I have two buildings that are next to each other both of which have long names

Catholic Church of St Teresa
Craigmillar Church

Is there any way of rendering the titles as

Catholic Church
St Teresa



I know that Mapnik and Osmarender render them differently but is there any way to force a new line in the titles. Any links to an other little tips and tricks would be appreciated too. This is many to stop overlapping of titles

Many thanks in advance


Not in Openstreetmap tools that I know of (there might be a away)… I have only superficial experience with mapnik, so ther emight be some way to make a mapnik stylesheet that can do this. To find this I would recommend you go to the mapnik forums and search/ask around, and if you find a solution come back here.

Thanks for the quick response, I will try there



Mapnik does truncate, but not with the space like you probably want. See

Yes but how can you force it to truncate?

I know some says “don’t tag for the renderer” which this would be, but “tag for the renderer” is synonym to “tag for humans” you can never create good computer generated rules for these kind of things.

A good example is where to put the page break in a document, computers screw this up all the time and it’s impossible to fix.

As a general principle, in my 'umble opinion, cartographic adjustment should not be stored in the core tags. You absolutely shouldn’t have “Catholic Church\nof\nSt Teresa” or anything like that. That will be problematic for routing programs, name searches, and so on.

But there’s nothing to stop you adding a tag such as renderer:name:linebreaks with hinting for the renderer… not that any existing renderers pick up on it yet.

The tag or the linebreaks? If \n works then this is “solved”.

What I’m saying is do not use \n - I don’t know whether it works or not, but it’s a bad thing to do. The name of the church is not “Catholic Church\nof\nSt Teresa”, it’s “Catholic Church of St Teresa”. If you insert the linebreaks, you’re inserting bogus data.

I’m nitpicking now, but it’s probably “Saint Theresa”.

But using a linebreak tag was a good pointer if this is ever solved.