Rendering `reporting_marks` on OpenRailwayMap

Hello mapping colleagues from the US,

I filed an issue on the ORM GitHub to render the Key:reporting_marks on the map.

I posted my understanding of how the map should look with this information based on previous discussions made by the community on different mailing lists and wiki pages.

Basically it has been suggested to render it as follows:

  • Display only the primary operator’s reporting mark at low zoom levels (0-13)
  • Display all operators reporting marks at higher zoom levels (14-16)
  • Display all operators reporting marks and the name=* tag at zom levels 17-18

I would greatly appreciate it if you could give feedback


The GitHub issue in question is here: Render `reporting_marks` key for North American rail · Issue #100 · OpenRailwayMap/OpenRailwayMap-CartoCSS · GitHub

Oh shoot! :sweat_smile: I forgot to post that.
Thanks for posting it

Was there any (more?) resolution of the distinctions and/or harmonization between tagging and rendering of reporting_marks (a North American-specific tag) and the short_name=* tag, which is “more global?”

reporting_marks=* indicates the operator, not the name. So maybe operator:short=* is a better fit.