Rendering OSM without small-scale detail

I want to render large number of images (>10 000) using data from OSM and some of my own. I probably want to use one of default styles as a background. I am wondering if there are available filtered datasets that would allow me to complete it without using excessive amount of space and compute. I don’t need detail that is smaller than zoom 11 and I probably could do even with zoom 9.

I need data from all parts of the planet.

There are available prerendered tiles up to z10 thanks to Paul Norman, I guess it might suit your needs:

I would prefer to have data, so I can use arbitrary scale and 2x rendering.

Then you probably need a planet file and filter it to contain only the tags you want to display - for example using osmium:

Next thing is choosing the style you want and importing filtered data file. For standard style (OSM Carto) just go on with instructions like here:

Tweaking scaling in this style is done in