Rendering of roads with no access

Hey guys,

I just mapped some roads as construction sites via access:conditional and traffic_sign:conditional and noticed that these roads are rendered just as usual.
But wouldn’t it be better to map them different (e.g. like roads under construction via highway=construction)?

Also I think that the conditional tag should be more integrated because I think the goal of this project / community is to provide the most precise and up to date maps available in the web.
So I think that mapping of short construction sites should also one of our goals…to come back to the beginning, the conditional tag doesn’t seems to be supported / used by many services using OSM and providers of routing what in my eyes is is a pity.

So I’m interested in your thoughts about this.


access:conditional tends to be used for more permanent restrictions, not temporary ones like a period of construction. It could certainly be used that way, but like you said, not many data consumers will use it.

IMO, two months is at about the low end of when I would change the highway=* tag to highway=construction. I would just change it and make a note on the map to remind yourself and others when the tag should be changed back. As the tagging sits right now, a data consumer that doesn’t process the access:conditional tag just sees a regular highway=primary, so changing to highway=construction is more foolproof.

Thanks for the response.
I tagged it like this because I read about it in some german blogs about Osm where they said that it’s more useful to tag it with temporary / conditional because one maybe forget to change it back.
The construction sites I tagged will last between 2 months up to 18 months, so I will tag them as highway=construction with the note when I have time.
But besides from this I think that we should make the conditional more public so it will be used by more routing services, because I think it’s also very useful when creating temporary traffic signs or conditional restrictions like 30 km/h Mo - Fr 8-17 o’clock.


How would you tag a road under temporary construction with a conditional clause? Is it like e.g.
access:conditional=no @ (Sept 2017-Dec 2017)
or something with highway:conditional=construction?

The construction conditional makes more sense to me (as it is more explicit) because then there are no contradicting problems like a highway=cycleway that has a conditional with bicycle=no and no one knows which one is more important. But highly likely it is not really common(and not rendered etc). See the specific problem