Rendering of cycleway=track

Hi all,

The cycleway=track is defined as a route which is separate from the road. This would suggest that it is also separately rendered, however, nor in MAPNIK, nor in OSMARENDER, that is not the case, see:

I cannot find whether this an agreed approach. Is it worth a suggestion to the render wizz-kids and if yes where do I do that?

Maybe this is done to prevent the map to become too crowded. This is what some would call ‘good map making’. Please note that the OSM maps don’t display everything that is in the data, a careful selection must be made to show that we have a comprehensive database and show nice maps at the same time.

Anyway, maybe it is best to post a message to the talk mailinglist if you want to discuss this and would like to reach out to the largest audience.

I believe most people use highway=cycleway when the cyclepath is separate from the road.

Then the value for cycleway=track would not be necessary.

Continuing on Lambertus post: the map’s may become to crwody, would happen then anyway.

To be honest I’ve been using cycleway=track as a way to add lanes to streets, I guess I did that wrong… :frowning: But IMHO tracks are quite uefull because if you look at the picture on map features they really are part of the street much as the sidewalk, they are kind of built into the street…

We need more pictures to describe biking.