Rendering issue on own tile server


i´m new in the OSM sector. But at least i set up my own OSM Server according to this manual ( … 18-04-lts /).

Unfortunately, I miss many cells in some zoom levels, although they seem to be rendered. see screenshot at the following link

In the Putty window the command “renderd -f -c /usr/local/etc/renderd.conf” runs to see if cells are being rendered …

I hope you can help me…

Best regards; Thomas

I’m guessing that you’re just trying to view tiles that haven’t been rendered yet. If you look at the “START TILE” and “END TILE” messages in the log, you’ll see that it might take a few seconds to render a tile. The first time you try and view it there won’t be anything there, but the second time there will be an old tile to view while the new one is being rendered.


Yes, i think this took a long time, is it possible to render all tiles at once??
May it took a while, but then no one must be renderd from new…

How can i clean all the rendert tiles…

Best regards, Thomas

If (in an imaginery example)it takes 2 seconds to render each tile then it’ll take 4 seconds to rendering 2 one after the other. It might take longer then 4 seconds to do both at the same time. Normally you’d tune things to render the number of tiles at the same time that your system can cope with.

If you’re using mod_tile / renderd, they’ll probably be in a directory below “/var/lib/mod_tile”. You’ll see one directory per zoom level.

If it helps, here’s a script I use for purging old tiles that haven’t been rerendered recently: .

I think you misunderstood me, I want to render all parts of a map, no matter how long it takes.

I’ve discovered the command render_list, but unfortunately there should be something wrong. Look at the image at:

The window remains unchanged. I had it running all weekend …

The problem with that approach is that you’ll render lots of tiles for areas that people never want to look at (such as the middle of the sea). Here’s the example disk usage numbers for each tile layer for a server that I look after:

8341204 .
2023088 17
1898340 16
1367160 15
1207624 18
954396 14
445272 13
151236 12
115796 20
57956 11
27936 19
24808 10
22876 21
11696 9
10868 22
6092 7
5860 8
4792 23

If all tiles in all layers were rendered, you’d expect each layer to use 4 times the disk space of the previous zoom level - even zoom 13 would need vastly more space than it actually does.