rendering for admin_level=5

In Argentina, the Buenos Aires province is divided in “partidos” and the other provinces are divided in “departments”. We have selected admin_level=5 for these divisions (admin_level=4 is used for provinces).

The problem is that I cannot see a complete partido in the screen. It appears that they can only be seen for zoom level 11 and greater, which is the same threshold than admin_level=6. For example, I cannot see the complete Salto Partido in and this is not the largest partido in the province. In other provinces, there are departments which are a lot bigger.

I think that the administrative borders that use admin_level=5 need to be drawn from zoom level 9 and greater.

Have a look at and

Does this help?

If you really need the view of then the best is to open a feature request for rendering the boundaries you need via

Unfortunately the admin borders are updated once a month for the first link. So I will have to wait until I can see the data.

Using I can find all relations having admin_level 5 with any zoom (on the standard mapnik rendering they can only be seen with zoom=11 or greater, so I cannot see the complete area on the screen).

Compared to , it has the advantage that it is updated daily or more frequently.