render under water

I recently moved an underground power plant (close) to its actual position, which is under a dam toe, which in turn is submerged.

The “Service Road power house access tunnel” is the only way rendered properly. The tail races are rendered under land (the dam) in a few different layers, but I suspect that ‘blue under blue’ is indiscernible. In the Standard layer, (only) the powerhouse name is visible.

Is there anything I am missing, or is it that none of the underwater ways are currently rendered in any available layers? If so, it it possible that they could be?

I found OpenInfraMap but you might want to look at Other maps on the wiki.

In general, under ground or water object can easiliy clutter the map and are not that interesting for the majority. This is one reason these objects are not rendered. Another might be that water simply covers all other objects in the rendering process.

Looking at the data, you might want to use location=underwater instead of underground for objects above ground but under water. I am fare from being a specialist but I wonder if the pipes are a waterway or a pipeline.

Just my 2ct,

Thanks! OpenInfraMap seems to come as close as any. It appears to be orientated towards displaying electrical grids. The underground water tunnels and turbo generators are not shown. Ideally, it would be nice to have a map with selectable features and languages. I could leave what I did as is, but nobody may ever know it is there. {:slight_smile: