Render Tiles in Windows - How?!?!?! ( I am Getting Desperated )

Hello Guys,

since i Remeber, i want an own Tileserver.

I tried in Ubuntu, i Failed cause of my small Skills in Linux.

Now i am Trying it in Windows. So far so good, but i didnt reached my destination.

What i’ve done:

  • Postgre SQL DB
  • Postgis
  • osm2pgsql used

Result: There is Data in the Database.

But how can i render my Tiles?!

There are 2 Opinions:

Use Mapnik (Fine, there are 100 Manuals, but only to Create a Demo. I want not a demo, i want to render the data from my Database!)
Install Tilemill (So far so good, but what i do next? I Dont know where there is a use that this Program can connect to my Database)

Long Story Short Question:

How can i Render Tiles from my Database (Postgre SQL).
Please with Real Examples and not only manuals where i can Create Demos.

Thank you very much!