Removing POIs from data files

Hi Everyone!

I am planning on doing an offline application that would use OSM data files. However, I only need basic things like terrain/street data and not all restaurants. Is there any way of removing POIs/restaurants from the data files or any level of priority to set so not all data gets downloaded/loaded from files?


You can download an OSM data file and filter it through Osmosis:

For example, in order to keep only terrain / street data, you need to use a filter which keeps only objects tagged as highway=* and landuse=* while discarding everything else.

How would I input this command in Osmosis. I’ve been trying to read the documentation but there aren’t any examples on how to filter changes in ISM files. Thanks!

Maybe the recently released can help you getting an entry in that topic?

It provides a frontend or a user interface to Osmosis.

Maybe you can find more hints at by searching for words like filter, data, osmosis etc.