removing GPS point clouds around certain locations from multiple GPXs

I’d like to remove point clouds around certain frequently visited locations from a large number of GPX files before I upload them to OSM.

Is there any user-friendly software that would allow me to do this in a batch?

I have computers running XP and Mac OS-X.

If there isn’t a program, would someone care to write one? I think it would encourage more people to upload GPX files and that will improve data quality. If I was a capable programmer, I’d do it myself… :frowning:



gpsbabel has filtering functions and a batch mode. You can also do a little little scripting you can batch convert your files.

Lambertus do you have any examples of batch removing areas (like where I always park my car, and always get a dot cloud), or automaticaly remove dot clouds, does simplification work?

Unfortunately no, personally I use Garmin MapSource to filter my tracklogs. But I know that gpsbabel can do clearing of areas and also simplicification of tracks (removing points that are too close to each other or in a straight line). It’s all in the manual I guess.