Remove subarea relations


The following relation has child relations which have the role of subarea:

According to the following wiki, subarea are deprecated.

I would like to remove the link between the parent relation to the child relations.

Please let me know if you have any objections.
Harel M.

There are currently 3 relations with “subarea” members in Israel -

The same user has done some other undiscussed edits which I am tracking but have no reverted yet:

(Some are relation edits)

All of the user’s Israel edits:

I’ve sent comment at about the addition of “subarea” members in several changesets.

By the way, a deeper look into shows it

I've added a comment on the first two changes.

Let’s hope we’ll hear back from him.

Tomorrow will be a week since I’ve sent the above messages. I’m planning to revert these changes tomorrow unless I hear from the user.

Note that “admin_center” is misspelled; the correct spelling is “admin_centre”.

Reverting restores the original tag, not my spelling mistake above…

You’re welcome. Reverting would restore the correct spelling in Jerusalem’s case, but not in Ramallah’s: there the tag’s value was spelled “admin_center” (sic) before it was changed to “label”.

Reverted + JOSM validation warnings cleanup.