Remove points from query results

I can pull all of the town boundaries in vt with a query like the one below.

is there a way to add a clause to the query to only select polygons, currently it returns both the town boundaries and nodes for each boundary. I can filter these out separately after the query, but it seems like there should be a way to just amend the query to only return polygons. I would have thought that specifying “relation” or “area” would do so but based on the results that’s not the case.

thanks for any solutions or guidance!

out geom;

adding image of result set

Manually specifying what to recurse avoids out geom , or > recurse down, retrieving points

(._; way(r); node(w););
out meta;

It is not what you ask for, just to experiment while waiting to see if someone knows how to see only the polygons, but if it is to visualize it, you can draw the ways that make the relations and in settings menu select “Don’t display small features as POIs.”

out qt geom;