Removal of footpath

On July the 20th I removed a footpath, using the ID interface, because it does not exist anymore. However, when I look at the general map I still see it. When I look it up with ID then it does not exist anymore. Is there a fixed delay before changes are imported in the overall map.

Seijo Kruizinga, newbie since december 2012

Welcome to the forum.

There is no delay but the general map (Mapnik) on may take some time before the new situations is shown. Also clearing cache memory might help. You can make a link (long or short) and then reload the page in your browser (F5).

There’s also a Dutch sub forum in case you did not know.

Cheers PeeWee

Dear PeeWee32,

Thanks a lot for your response. Its now clear to me. I support the idea of an open street map very much and I plan to add several details in the surrounding of my hometown. I have however some remarks and I don’t know where to put them.

First I find that it is very difficult to see which contributions are from the community and which information comes from the background map. Sometimes the background map overrules the contributions.

Secondly, at the location where I removed the footpath (that was inserted in an earlier stage by someone else from the community) the background map still suggests a (foot)path through a gap between to land use polygons. Are we allowed to change this background as well.

Seijo Kruizinga

I will look for the Dutch forum. Seijo

If you referring to the default map shown on (created by mapnik) all information is taken from the OSM-Database. There is no forground / background “level”. Other sites uses these map-tiles as a background layer and add additional content from other sources as an overlay (forground).

Regarding how long does it take until changes in the database are diplayed in the maps have a look at our FAQ: