Removal of duplicate ways, Nakon Sakhon Province

I’m removing many duplicate features added by new user Billbacham in Nakon Sakhon Province. I contacted him earlier and got his permission to remove any feature he had inadvertently duplicated during his first days as a mapper using JOSM. I encouraged him to keep on mapping and that I would be willing to help him understand how this happened. He has not responded to that so I’m not sure how he managed to make all these duplicates other than to guess that he was adding features in areas that were not included in JOSM’s edit window of downloaded data. Using Mapbox imagery he therefore added many waterways, reservoirs, and highways that were already present. In a few cases his newer versions were more accurate, so I removed the originals.

Anyway, I’ve been working doing that for the past few hours and have come across one I’m having trouble with, the Songkhram River. It throws an error when I try to delete his version. It’s part of a big relation, the Mekong Watershed. If anyone wants to tackle that one, I’d appreciate it.

Way: แม่น้ำสงคราม (42485159)
State: has direction keys
Data Set: 64bc696f
Edited at: 2014-04-14T12:51:26Z
Edited by: Billbacham (2008713)
Version: 3


Update: Sept 14, 2014

I think I got them all removed. And I was able to delete the “extra” Songkhram River as well.

I have found a few single untagged nodes mainly on tertiary Hwys in that area and were part of his changesets - no tags, no relations, so deleted.