Religions, denominations, sects and schools

I am looking at a Japanese Buddhist Temple. It is identified well enough as a place of worship, the religion is Buddhist, but I hit a problem with the denomination. I imagine that many non-Japanese would be interested in the fact that it is a Zen Temple (which is usually defined as a school of Buddhism) before they are interested in the fact that it belongs to the Rinzai sect. At the moment there is no mention of Zen and the denomination is identified as Rinzai.

Looking at the wiki it appears that I have two choices. I could include two denomination tags or I could use one denomination tag with both descriptors separated by a semicolon. I’m guessing that most renderers would handle the second choice better (i.e. actually might show the information in an easily accessible manner) as opposed to the two tag solution where they might or might not pick up the second tag.

Any thoughts on the correctness or practicality of one solution over the other?

You can update the wiki to show =rinzai is treated as a more specific value of =zen, like how =anglican is under =protestant.

I can do that?! Ooooo scarey. :wink: OK, I’ll look at that in a moment. Thanks!