Relationship between crossings defined as nodes and the road

We are trying to determine the relationship between a crossing that is defined as node and the road that it is connected to. For example, if you go to you will see a road called Station Road. At the southern end of this road before Station Road intersects with Friar Street, there is a single crossing defined as a node.

We want to be able to determine with there is a simple way of relating that node to the road that it is connected to. There is nothing in the tags and there are no other relationships that I can see between that node and the road.

Can someone let me know if there is a way of doing this?

The info you ask for is showed in the data of each node

Or using the API is one of the nodes that form Station Road!

If you look at it in the web interface (I think links to the editor risk accidental edits, and might require a login), you see:

If you look at Station Road, , you see:

where 4177840138 is the crossing.

There is no ambiguity, as it only belongs to Station Road.

Although I would expect any pedestrian navigator to be working with local data covering the whole area, rather than making piecemeal requests, you can find the way(s) for the node using this API: , e.g. and you can find the crossing on the road using, the next API, e.g.,

To re-iterate the above, any production tool should not be using piecemeal requests, and should, almost certainly, not be using as its API server.

Thanks for excellent and detailed responses. If I have any further questions, I will get back to you.

Just for info, there’s a dev server at . If you want to experiment with stuff (the API etc.) that’d be a great place to do it, becase you can create whatever data you want.

At SomeoneElse - Very useful. Thanks!