Relations with tags as XML File

Hi, i have a Problem with my Bachelor Thesis, I need to analyze how many Buslines are in a specific part of a city. But the Bus lines are in the Relations. Do you know a way how i can get the OSM Relations with all the Attributes in a usefull file to Analyze the attributes with a GIS Programm (I am using Arcmap).

In JOSM i can see all the Attributes from the relation but i can only export them as GPX and after that i lost all the OSM Tags. Is there any way to get this Data into a useful Format for GIS systems?

From JOSM, you can do File/Save, which creates the .OSM XML file. I don’t know if general GIS applications can read that, but QGIS can read .OSM files and save as .SHP (I think).

Overpass-turbo is your friend here just look for route=bus, you can do this within a given mapped admin area too. This is an example: You can export in a variety of formats (OSM XML, Geojson are common)