Relation for highway

Can anybody confirm if some tags from roads can be moved into relation, especially to very long or highly splitted roads?

For example, adding all parts of some long motorway like 6, and adding all common tags like maxspeed and surface only once into relation, instead to all single parts.

As far as I understand, relations, ways and nodes are different entities. In the same way that a node does not automatically “get” the tags of the way(s) it may belong to, so for ways and relations.
In addition, it is also possible that multiple relations may have different or conflicting tags for a way they share. For example, different bus routes that share the same way have conflicting ref tags and a way that is part of a local walking trail, the Israel Trail would have conflicting osmc:symbol tags.

SW that accesses the OSM DB, such as mapping apps, needs to actively pull data from one entity to another. In many cases, such as mapsfourge, it is not a simple task.

Therefore, I believe, way-level information should be tagged on the way itself.

route=road relations are a well established mechanism for grouping ways belonging to the same road. One can use such a relation to “select all members” and edit the tags of all member ways simultaneously (at least on Potlatch2). We could also establish a standard of Israeli “network” tags for “route=road” relations, as was done in some other countries.

I just checked and for example in Germany there is a relation for every highway. In each direction there is one relation.
For example highway 9.

Additionally to that, there is a kind of master relation that includes all existing highways in one relation.

Could be beneficial to have that in Israel, too.
Currently its a bit messy to see and find all highways.

And as there is no extrem changes all the time for highways it could be a one time job that lasts for ever.

This works out for some tags, for others it doesn’t.
For example you could add surface and name to the relation, but you can’t add the maxspeed as its changing for some chunks.

I think we should start with the relations for road 6 and then look how it behaves.

Just wondered if some software support such “inheritance”.

Oh, that will help in most cases. Going to adopt this. Thank you!

I think that in “This works out for some tags” you meant “This is only relevant for some tags”.

This does not “work out” in the sense that the ways will not automatically “get” or “inherit” additional tags from the relation(s) they belong to.
For example you could add surface and name to the relation, but these tags will not be part of the ways’ tag list.


so I expect we could just use relations additionally to the way definitions.
Could be still beneficial as you would get a full street view by having the relation and master relation.

Should we start a kind of test?