Regular OpenStreetMap meetup in Chiang Mai, anyone interested?


I’d love to see you guys more often and I think it could help building the community too, as we can invite new comers as well.

My idea is that we meet once a month for an hour or two somewhere cozy in Chiang Mai, there is no requirement for showing up, nor will there be a requirement to stay there for two hours if you feel like leaving after 15 minutes.

For me weekdays from 19:00 until the last person leaves works best, but I can do weekends too if that works better.

What do you think?, Is it worth trying?

Best Regards,

Great idea Johnny. I might not be able to join you until next September though because I’m leaving Thailand for the summer on April 5th. If you get it formalized before then maybe I can fit it into my schedule.


Good idea - weeknights fine - Im leaving May 2nd, so Yes, see if we can one in before Me & Dave depart.

How about March 31st (Friday) or April 3rd (Monday), they seems to be the best so far. That includes Dave, Russ, Stephan and me.

Stephan arrives March 30.

I’ll also try and see if Tom is interested.

Either day works for me.



Can not do April 2 - 5th.
Friday 31st, not ideal, but will make it if this suits everyone else.
Thursday 6th is perfect for me, or Mon - Thurs the following week are all free at the moment, but of course, Dave not available then, so looks like Friday 31st then ?? :slight_smile:

Any time is fine with me, great idea!

March 31st it is then.

Any suggestions for a location?

I like Baanpong Lodge (, but it is quite a bit out of town. I am open to other suggestions as well.

31st is fine. I’m happy to meet you all again in person.

Jo suggested Inter Minigolf/Golden Elephant.

Sounds easier reachable for most as it is not that far outside.

Golden Elephant is fine with me, I’ll let’s allow another 24 hours of suggestions, and if nothing better comes up, I’ll announce it more publicly.

Ok, the next Chiang Mai OpenStreetMap Meetup will be at the Golden Elephant (Inter Minigolf) ( on March 31st, 19:00.

Everyone is welcome.

OSM noob. See you there.

I’ll be there.

Too good to miss. I’ll be there.

@Johnny: Hope you did a reservation for enough persons :slight_smile:

Just for completeness I added the event to the OSM event calendar in the wiki.

I haven’t actually made a reservation, they usually have plenty of space there. Maybe I should drop by one of the next days and have a quick talk with them.

How about adding a picture to the wiki replacing the oldest one? I enjoy seeing myself that young, but that picture is quite dated by now.

I would like to add one of these where we stand around the big screen while Tom explains the school name mapping.
Faces not that visible, it’s an action shot.