Regular moderator elections?


I was wondering: should we re-decide on who moderates the Slovenia section of the forum from time to time?

As I see it, there aren’t any “hot” human conflicts at the moment (correct me if I’m wrong). However, perhaps it makes sense to use these good times to set the rules for not so good times.

Arguments for regular re-election

  • Moderators may turn inactive over time. By re-electing in regular intervals, we avoid accumulating a bulk of legacy “dead” moderator accounts.
  • The community way want to add or remove moderator status of certain users for other reasons.

Arguments against regular re-election

  • Administrative overhead.
  • Doesn’t seem relevant at the moment. (Being a mod myself, I may be biased here)

I’m curious about your opinions and your thoughts (e. g. any other points to consider?).

Fill in all answers you’d be happy with and feel free to add your comments.

  • Never hold moderator elections.
  • Hold moderator elections only on demand.
  • Hold moderator elections only on pre-defined time intervals (e.g. every January)
  • Hold moderator elections on pre-defined intervals and on demand.
  • Other (please comment).
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Thanks everyone for polling.

The clear majority wants re-elections only on demand.

We could define what “demand” is needed to hold the elections.
Eg at least X local active OSM editors and it passed at least Y months since previous such elections.

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Select ALL rules that you’d be happy with.

“Reelections of Slovenia moderators will take place if it is demanded by at least P distinct mappers and at least T has/have elapsed since the last elections.”

  • P = 1
  • P = 2
  • P = 3
  • P = 4
  • P = 5
  • P = 10
  • Other (please comment)
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  • T = 2 weeks
  • T = 1 month
  • T = 2 months
  • T = 3 months
  • T = 6 months
  • T = 1 year
  • Other (please comment)
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Okay, here is the result:

Reelections of Slovenia moderators will take place if it is demanded by at least 5 distinct mappers AND at least 3 months have elapsed since the last elections.

I guess if the 5-people margin turns out to be too high (merely 5 people took part in this survey), people can still address their issue to the global community and campaign for people to support their demand for reelections.