Regional road R1102 Skopje-Gevgelija

Regional road R1102 (relation 2501019) from Skopje to Gevgelija is a subject of lot of changes this month.
By the national categorization this road is regional R1 road and one part of this road between Demir Kapija and Smokivica is connecting missing part of the motorway A1.
Part of motorway A1 is currently under the construction and should be finish for a couple of years.

Like all R1 regional roads, R1102 should be secondary type of road.
I can see that some guys are changing this part of the road to trunk road what is completely wrong.
First of all this road fiscally is not build like a trunk road, have just 2 lines , one for each direction and speed is limited mostly on 70 km/hour.
Second trunk roads by the national classification should be in A category of roads.

Only problem for me is that this part of the road is still part of E75.
This will remain on this way until missing part of A1 will be finished.

Let’s discuss about this part of the road and find a final decision what type of highway should be.