Regex for Bulgarian house numbers

I’d like your help in defining what kind of strings can be expected in Bulgarian house numbers, see here Enable discarding "are you sure?" popups for ever for advanced users · Issue #5683 · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub The one I think is most important is the occurence of “бл.” in them (addr:housenumber=бл. 21 for instance), but are there others? Are there strings that should be excluded (such as “вх.”: the entrance letter should go into ref=* on the entrance=staircase node)?

Could anyone make some photos how building addresses looks “on the ground” (= on buildings :wink: ) in Bulgaria?

Looking at addr:housenumber | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo Bulgaria, some addresses have letters (А-Я) and they should be in Cyrillic (not in Latin). Other than that, I don’t see anything else.

That’s a nice subject for a photo safari!

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Thanks! It looks like apart from straight numbers, the most common additional characters/strings are numbers followed directly by a Cyrillic letter (А, Б, а are the most common), бл. /бл. (without space is more common), and hyphenated numbers such as 2-4. Sometimes there’s a space or hyphen between a number and the following Cyrillic letter. Anything else has less than 5 occurrences. The first one in the list that I think should be regarded as wrong is “вх.1” (4 times)

A regex was developed, see here Please test! It makes the distinction between Cyrillic and Latin script (бл.107-А is accepted, бл.107-A not because the first A was entered using Bulgarian keyboard and the second using Latin keyboard). It also accepts strings like 2-4 and 2-4-6 but not 2-4-6-8

Credits @Matija_Nalis