ref:ISTAT for Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste


To support and motivate our “Wochenaufgaben” in Germany, i have build a small counting webapp, to aggregate number of the collected tags. See for example ( for counting amentity=ice_cream and amenity=cafe&cuisine=ice_cream.

But thats only the background for my question.

In Italy I use the ref:ISTAT Values to determine the overpass areas to count.

and for me it looks like that the ref:ISTAT of Valle d’Aosta is not correct.

This are all relation starting with ref:ISTAT 007:
and this the one for ref:ISTAT 020

It looks like that Valle d’Aosta/Vallée d’Aoste just has to be changed to ref:ISTAT 007.

As i am not confirmed with Italian reference ISTAT numbers, could you please check this, and correct if necessary.

Thanks for help.

Christoph (TheFive)
P.S. i just checked all 3 digit ref:ISTAT based on this XLS file i have found:

Seems you are correct!
Do the edit and link this post in the changeset :slight_smile:

(btw Aosta Province doesn’t actually exist, as is the only one in the Valle d’Aosta region)

I prefer, if someone of your community is doing and checking it.

Maybe its a little bit bigger topic:

using the ISTAT 02*.

The 02 occurs in the line Excel Line too:

1	ITC	NORD-OVEST	Nord-ovest02	ITC2	VALLE D'AOSTA/VALLÉE D'AOSTE	Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste	007	ITC20	Valle d'Aosta/Vallée d'Aoste	AO