A recycling CENTRE is rather a “landuse” and not an “amenity” in my opinion.

Why is this(“landuse/amenity”) not rendered on OSM ?

Also, an industrial wasteplant like this, does also recycling, and yet, it is also not an “amenity”.

EDIT (on 12 sept 2017) ; i have added ‘landuse = industrial’ , so it is also ‘rendered’ :wink:

I agree, that recycling centers should be tagged as “landuse” (if they are not buildings of some kind).
Have you considered adding a suggestion for this?

Definition of amenity:

a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place.

So I think a recycle centre perfectly fits under this definition.

But we could tag 3 layers: landuse, landcover and amenity/leisure

Nobody forbids you to add a landuse=industrial to an amenity=recycle.

The reason is in end consumers of these amenities. Amenity is a useful feature for ordinary people, who can use the amenity directly. To my mind, it is the main point here.

People use waste baskets, recycling containers directly, interact with them, that’s why we can call them and tag them as amenities.

And we don’t use recycling centers directly, they are for industrial purpose.

Not around here. We have recycling containers for bottles, clothes and batteries. But for electronics, building material from renovation, large paper cartons, hazardous waste, garden waste, etc. I go to a recycling center.

Hmm, probably, you have a point. I misunderstood recycle ng centers and confused them with landfills.

Maybe better landuse = commercial , because it is some facility to ‘knock money out of our pockets’
like a vehicle_inspection →
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

landuse=retail then, commercial is for offices and business parks…

retail is something totally different from recycling in my opinion. I already tagged the other centre as ‘commercial’ , and nobody ‘complained’ … so …

Do you really think that all changes are monitored in such detail, that people will complain about it ?
Read the wiki, commercial is wrong for recycle centers. If any landuse has to be assigned, industrial comes the closest. I only suggested retail because you were referring to the money taking part. But no reason to map it as retail actually

Now I have to start searching for your changelist and make a changelist comment.:rolleyes:

Don’t bother, i already have changed the landuse into industrial . :wink: