Record flights on OSM

Dear all,

first: I’m a fan of openstreetmap! :slight_smile:

I travel frequently to south-east asia via some rather strange routes. I’m also a fan of flying and airplanes and keep a detailed record of all my flights (incl. date, flight no, aircraft, …). Now I’d like to visualize this on a OSM map. Preferably without downloading and installing any programs.

What’s the best way of doing this?



Hello, some links:


Thanks! I had a look at these (in general) very useful sites and they look really great and sophisticated. They don’t suite my use case very much because I’d have to figure out the coordinates of the airports first.

I’ll stick with for a start hoping the development goes on (there was a gap of 2 years).


Such tools will be developed by third parties and need to be funded in some way. If you really think there is a business model for them, you could alwwys create such a service yourself.