Recommended iPhone application for bicycle routing?


For a friend who has an iPhone, is a bit technophobe, and moves around on a bicycle, I’m looking for an application that would have the following features:

  1. OSM-based, obviously :slight_smile:
  2. Only basic features, with a very simple interface: Show map, compute route, import GPX through USB/wifi/email, let user add waypoints on a map and export them as GPX → computer through either USB/wifi/email
  3. Download maps for off-line mode
    4 Free, or one-time fee (not subscription based).

What apps would you recommend?

Thank you.

Maybe what your friend needs can be found here, but not all your requirements are available in all the apps!

  1. Naviki
  2. Ride with GPS
  3. AllTrails

Take a look at Magic Earth. It does the things you listed, but uses KML files.

What about Osmand for IPhone?


MapOut as the mapping app, then use an external OSM-based service (cough cough) to do the routing.

komoot is also an option with a rather simple interface:

It’s not free but for offline maps and voice-navigation a one-time fee is sufficient or you could even get along with coupon codes to unlock a few regions that you need. There is a catch that while you can download maps or planned routes for offline use, the calculation of a new route still requires an online connection.
They recently added a subscription model, but your points are mostly covered without it - the main drawback that I see is that cycle routes aren’t shown on the map without it (if you plan the route beforehand on the desktop, you can switch to OpenCycleMap there).