Recent vandalism and name editing

Dear Ukraine community,

after user avinet_ua recently automatically added lots of Ukrainian names to places in Europe and was blocked (avinet_ua blocked by SomeoneElse | OpenStreetMap), avinet_ua created a number of secondary accounts that were used to create vandalism that smeared my DWG colleague Andy Townsend. This vandalism damaged the map in many parts of Europe and led to consternation among many OSM users (see The "OSM Standard tile layer" looks wrong (white lines, abusive comments etc.)).

The accounts performing the vandalism have been blocked and the vandalism has been reverted. However, avinet_ua has meanwhile created a number of further accounts with whom they try to participate in OSM. According to DWG investigation, the accounts heroivn, swek01, gogeminist, lekman100 and mikel30 have all been created in a similar way as the avinet_ua vandalism accounts. (There might be more we have not discovered yet.)

These accounts have not yet performed any vandalism but they are all preoccupied with somehow adding Ukrainian names (even to objects in Ukraine that until now had a single name tag a name:uk will be added) and/or adding Ukrainian Wikipedia links and so on.

These accounts violate the rule that you shouldn’t create additional accounts when your main account is blocked; and obviously, they all belong to a person who has proven that they are willing to damage OSM and spread hate if they don’t get what they want. Also, it appears that some of these accounts are even used to mislead forum readers by “discussing” things with each other here on the forum.

What should we do about these accounts? Should we block them all, including any further avinet_ua clones that are created in the future? The DWG would probably need the support of the Ukrainian community for spotting new accounts doing the old things. Or should we block these secondary accounts and allow avinet_ua to continue contributing with their original account, under the obligation that they stop creating sock puppets?

In my opinion, avinet_ua and all their secondary accounts (and any accounts they may create in the future) should be kicked out of OSM because they have proven that they are willing to damage OSM and abuse the map to attack people, and it will likely happen again in the future if they are allowed to contribute.

But I am eager to hear the opinion of the Ukrainian community, since avinet_ua claims to fight for what they believe to be the Ukrainian cause…

(You can reply in Ukrainian, I will use the forum translation feature to read it.)

Frederik (DWG member)


Я багато взаємодіяв з цим користувачем на форумі і вважаю, що малоймовірно що він змінить свою поведінку. Незважаючи на спроби мене та інших членів спільноти давати конструктивні поради, здається, він не сприймає їх серйозно.

Хоча останні зміни користувача технічно не є вандалізмом і можливо навіть корисними, його непрозорість тривожить. Також він писав із кількох аккаунтів, аби створити ілюзію підтримки його дій на форумі.

Цікаво, навіщо продовжувати давати поради комусь, хто вважає себе розумнішим за інших і намагається обдурити спільноту?

Я б не рекомендував дозволяти цьому користувачеві робити автоматичні зміни.


You get a strong “yes” from me since the user brought so much damage to the map and added tons of unnecessary work to the Ukrainian community in the past years.


DWG should apply the same rules to avinet_ua as they do to other vandals. If he wants to map again, he must write to DWG himself and refrain from vandalism, after that DWG can decide whether it will be appropriate at that time.

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У випадку, якщо застосовується Long-term block згідно Ban Policy - OpenStreetMap Foundation та є для цього беззаперечні підстави згідно Vandalism - OpenStreetMap Wiki

If, while the mapper is blocked, other accounts are found to be controlled by the same person, the ban would apply to those accounts as well.

це виглядає доречним :+1:

Якщо щось інше — поясніть, будь ласка, що ви маєте на увазі.

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These actions were not properly discussed among community that is another evidence of going against the Automated edits - OpenStreetMap Wiki rules. This is additional factor to impose ban on all socks puppet accounts of avinet_ua.