Recent spam waves

Recently, a new type of spam posts has appeared in the forum. Before, we had the subtle kind with individual posts inside (usually older) existing threads. Now we have massive waves of new threads with spammy titles. At the time of this writing, there are about 80 such threads filling up the first few pages of the “Questions and Answers” subforum. That forum is very often visited by new users, so this spam can be very harmful our community.

To me, it has become clear that we have to step up our anti-spam measures quickly. Are there any plans to do so? Perhaps additional moderators would help to reduce the time such spam survives before it is deleted?

By now they’re the 202 first Threads, that means about 6⅔ pages.

I’m monitoring the forum more actively now and changed some things to reduce the spamming. One of the reasons for moving to the new forum version is better suppression of SEO spam. Unfortunately the recent kind of spamming is of a different kind and won’t be blocked by the new forum. I’m current adding censor words to make the spam effectively useless but the posts still clutter the forums.