Recent changes by Sal73x ... it gets worse.

Heck, what has this Guy done …

the approach road to Chiang Rai airport … well its now a “Primary Highway”.
Along with a some, but not all, of CR Rural road 5023.
Hwy 1020 goes from Primary to Trunk then back to Primary south of Chiang Khong.
The 1021 changes status in Thoeng where the dual carraigeway reverts to single…
… and thats all I’m finding with a cursory glance.

His recent edits include Gibraltar & Italy, while he has not uploaded a single trace yet into OSM. With a profile statement saying “Trying to map …any constructive critic welcome”, this suggests a lot of harm may have been done in many areas around the world.

So, in a case such as this, can the OSM hierarchy intervene and undo his changes, as I don’t have the patience to sift through all of his changesets, correcting manually ?

I just did a quick check and not all of his edits are bad. He has changed highway class in several places but I’m unable to chase down all the possibilities right now. I just sent an email:


Some mappers in Thailand are concerned about some of your edits. You have changed the classification of many highways and did not leave any meaningful comment on your changesets. What is your reason for changing highway ชร. 5023 from tertiary to secondary for example?

Please discuss this sort of wholesale change with local mappers before proceeding with more edits.

Sal73x has received emails from both Russ and myself, acknowledged them and is currently changing his edits back to what they were. For a mapper with only 2 years under his belt he has a ton of edits (29K) already. I hope he hasn’t gone overboard in other countries…

I was also in touch with him last month and pointed him to our wiki with the Thai guidelines. He said he would be more careful. I do not think there was any ill intent.