Reagarding United States OSM

We are currently developing a traffic prediction based routing algorithm for United Stated road network. To build our custom road network we use OSM.

We tested and verified the algorithm for California, Minnesota, US-MidWest. Now I’m looking for UnitedStates OSM, but I’m not able to find it, I can download the entire North america dataset, but this causes memory exceptions while creating the custom road network.

Can you please let me know, where I can find the OSM for united-states.

Srikanth M

If you are referring to the OSM downloads available from would the North American extract work for you?

It does not have Alaska or Hawaii but it does have Canada and all the “lower 48” US states.

Edit: Just re-read. You’ve looked at that and it is too big. I am not aware of one for just the US. Or for that matter for regional subsets of the US. I believe that there are some tools that can filter out areas from a larger extract. You might want to look into that.

Geofabrik does have 5 regional mapsets for the U. S.